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Division 3 2020/21

Warwickshire Womens Hockey League

Warwickshire Womens Hockey League

P W D L F A +/- Pts
1 Atherstone Ladies 2nd XI5500178915
2 Rugby and East Warwickshire Third44001841412
3 Hampton-in-Arden Ladies 2nd XI43102141710
4 Barford Tigers Ladies 1st XI522113768
5- KL Ladies 4s420216886
6 Edgbaston Ladies 4th XI5302211566*
7 Coventry & N.W. Ladies 2nd XI4202161336
8 Hampton-in-Arden Ladies 3rd XI4202712-56
9 Stratford Ladies 3s4013322-194*
10- Sutton Coldfield Ladies 6s5104714-73
11 Long Buckby Ladies 2s5104423-193
12 Olton & West Warwicks Ladies 5s301238-51
13 Berkswell & Balsall Common Ladies 2nd XI4013311-81

* = points adjustments

24 October 2020
Edgbaston Ladies 4th XI3-1Sutton Coldfield Ladies 6s
M:Moved from 12/09(SJC)
Long Buckby Ladies 2s2-1Berkswell & Balsall Common Ladies 2nd XI
M:Moved from 19/09(SJC)
Hampton-in-Arden Ladies 3rd XI0-5Hampton-in-Arden Ladies 2nd XI
M:Moved from 12/09(SJC)
Atherstone Ladies 2nd XI3-2Barford Tigers Ladies 1st XI
M:Moved from 12/09(SJC)
17 October 2020
Stratford Ladies 3s1-1Olton & West Warwicks Ladies 5s
Hampton-in-Arden Ladies 2nd XI10-2Edgbaston Ladies 4th XI
Long Buckby Ladies 2s0-6Coventry & N.W. Ladies 2nd XI
Sutton Coldfield Ladies 6s3-4Atherstone Ladies 2nd XI
Barford Tigers Ladies 1st XI1-1Berkswell & Balsall Common Ladies 2nd XI
Rugby and East Warwickshire Third3-1KL Ladies 4s
10 October 2020
Hampton-in-Arden Ladies 3rd XI2-5Rugby and East Warwickshire Third
KL Ladies 4s4-0Sutton Coldfield Ladies 6s
Stratford Ladies 3s1-5Hampton-in-Arden Ladies 2nd XI
M:Switched from 06/02(SJC)
Olton & West Warwicks Ladies 5s1-3Barford Tigers Ladies 1st XI
Atherstone Ladies 2nd XI4-1Long Buckby Ladies 2s
Edgbaston Ladies 4th XI6-3Coventry & N.W. Ladies 2nd XI
03 October 2020
Rugby and East Warwickshire Third6-0Berkswell & Balsall Common Ladies 2nd XI
Sutton Coldfield Ladies 6s1-2Hampton-in-Arden Ladies 3rd XI
Hampton-in-Arden Ladies 2nd XI1-1Barford Tigers Ladies 1st XI
Moved from 30/01
Coventry & N.W. Ladies 2nd XI2-5Atherstone Ladies 2nd XI
Long Buckby Ladies 2s0-9KL Ladies 4s
Stratford Ladies 3s0-10Edgbaston Ladies 4th XI
played starred player down
26 September 2020
Edgbaston Ladies 4th XI0-1Atherstone Ladies 2nd XI
KL Ladies 4s2-5Coventry & N.W. Ladies 2nd XI
Olton & West Warwicks Ladies 5s1-4Rugby and East Warwickshire Third
Berkswell & Balsall Common Ladies 2nd XI1-2Sutton Coldfield Ladies 6s
Hampton-in-Arden Ladies 3rd XI3-1Long Buckby Ladies 2s
Barford Tigers Ladies 1st XI6-1Stratford Ladies 3s
Moved from 23/01
19 September 2020
Sutton Coldfield Ladies 6s(+)Olton & West Warwicks Ladies 5s
Coventry & N.W. Ladies 2nd XI(+)Hampton-in-Arden Ladies 3rd XI
12 September 2020
KL Ladies 4s(+)Stratford Ladies 3s
Name Club Open Stroke PC Total
Amy Shadbolt Hampton-in-Arden 2 0 2 4
Milli Cauthery Hampton-in-Arden 3 0 0 3
Helen Bowles Hampton-in-Arden 2 0 0 2
Lisa Abbott Sutton Coldfield 2 0 0 2
Jessica Toogood Hampton-in-Arden 2 0 0 2
Hayley Newcombe Sutton Coldfield 2 0 0 2
Ellen Barry Edgbaston 2 0 0 2
Sophie Bates Atherstone 0 0 2 2
Eloise Rose White Hampton-in-Arden 1 0 0 1
Jenny Reay Coventry & N.W. 1 0 0 1