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1. Documents Overview

Clubs have a number of responsibilities during a new season which involve the submission of various documents to the league, and most significantly during the summer months leading up to a new season. These document cover three main areas:

A. Teams entered into the league

B. Names and contact details of club officers who have roles related to the WWHL

C. Player registrations which allows team representation for their club

All documents are downloadable from the subsequent menus and relate to registrations and general WWHL advisory information. These documents can be categorised as:

Pre-Season Documents and Related Forms (Under Section 4)

1. Club Contact Details Form [Form A] – to be completed in July for publication on the WWHL website
2. Player Transfer Form [Form B] – for players moving clubs within the WWHL
3. League Registration Master [Form C] – this should contain a complete list of all club players who may represent any team in Divisions (1-4), including those starred for a particular team
4. Midlands Players Registration [Form D] – starred players who cannot play in WWHL

In-Season Documents and Related Forms (Under Section 4)

1. 2018 Match Sheet [Form E] – for teams to record match results and who played in the game
2. 2018 WWHL New Player Registration [Form F] – to be used post submission of the initial registration of players
3. 2018 WWHL Complaint Form [Form G] – to be raised to the committee where a club wishes to make a complaint

Other General Documents (Under Section 5)

– 2017 and 2018 League Rules
– AGM Minutes

This Season’s Rules – for easy access (Under Section 6)

– 2019/20 League Rules



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