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2. Player Registration Information


The WWHL requires clubs to submit player details in two ways. Most importantly is the registration of all club players which allows them to represent their club in league games, and secondly to record their photo details.

Player Registration
– Each season a club is required to register all of its players by submitting a new form which lists all players, allocated a club number and references the team they are expected to play in.
– Documents can be down-loaded from the Document Links menu.

Contact Information for Player Registration:
Sally Davidson-Jones

Photo Records
– This record is held within the club’s FixtureLive database, and holds the photo of each player and cross-references the team recorded in the ‘Player Registration’ submission. A player should only be allocated to one team. This database allows clubs to print team squad lists and present them to opposition teams when requested at a game.
– A full description of this process can be downloaded from the document Links menu.

Contact Information for Photo Recording:
Nicola Gotrel